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I'm now a certified personal trainer and I have been through the weight loss struggle myself. I'm now on a mission to help as many people as possible to transform their bodies.

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After a near death car accident in a Lamborghini I broke and dislocated my neck (as a passenger!) I had an 8 hour operation fusing c3/c4 in my neck and I nearly lost my life. During my 2 year recovery I put on a lot of weight and became depressed.

One day I saw myself on the BBC news I didn't recognise myself. I knew something had to be done, so I tried almost everything but couldn't seem to shift the weight.

One day my fiancé left me and I became a full time single Dad to my two daughters. That was the catalyst... Since then I focussed entirely on improving myself for my daughters sake and I am proud to say that it worked and I'm now in the fortunate position to help others.

I lost over 82lbs/5.7 stone and I am now on a fitness mission to get in the best shape I possibly can to inspire others. I am documenting my healthy lifestyle through social media with the hope to motivate others to change their lives too.

My life's been a tough one but since transforming my body, I have gone on to become a certified level 2 gym instructor and a level 3 personal trainer.

I am now qualified to help others to achieve success with their own weight loss goals, not just as a personal trainer locally (West Sussex, UK) but also globally via my online platform Ultimate Health Project.

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Having been through a tough time in my life, health and fitness was my savour. I was overweight, depressed and on medication and now I have turned my life around and I am excited to be able to help others as a fully qualified Personal Trainer. I offer private, group or online mentoring and best of all, I practise what I preach!

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